New Internal Document Says Apple Employees Are Restricted From Using ChatGPT Over Fears Of Data Leaks

The evolution of ChatGPT and other forms of AI technology has brought about some serious questions in many people’s minds. And that has to do with how safe is it really?

And now, we’re hearing about a new internal document leak from Apple that speaks about a possible ban on this type of technology with interesting plans of launching the firm’s first language model.

We’ve seen how language models on a large scale have really gone up in popularity in the recent past so the fact that tech giant Apple is joining the bandwagon is not something really shocking.

But remember, such endeavors are not the most reliable ones of them and also arise with plenty of unpredictability as well. They’re busy leaking out data of users and that causes employees to get blocked from making use of tools from other competitors.

The latest report from the WSJ went on to speak about a new internal document by the Cupertino firm that barred employees from using the likes of ChatGPT, Bard, and a few others. While there was a reference to anonymous sources, it was seen similarly sharing with the leading iPhone maker how it was busy working on its own technology variants but again, the matter is top secret and no details were provided about it.

Other firms have even stopped the usage of language model tools in their firms internally as there are great fears of data and privacy leaks. Some common names to have done this recently included the likes of Amazon and Verizon. The tools simply place reliance on accessing huge data stores and keep on training depending on how the users are behaving.

Users are still allowed to turn the chat off for the likes of products including ChatGPT, this type of software may end up breaking and leaking information. Some more top firms like Apple can distrust such technology over fears of causing a leak of this kind of data.

Those people who are not employees of Apple and are not utilizing iPhones for the sake of work purposes can be aware that the app of ChatGPT is now seen on the App Store. But you need to be aware of how there are plenty of copy apps that are trying to ensure users get scammed by them.

Clearly, the race to move ahead in the AI world is at its peak and many tech firms are doing whatever they can to really lead the pack. But when it comes down to Apple, the problem here arises that it fails to put its projects into the limelight. Hence, now that we’ve heard about this means LLM technology is developing and it’s the next step for the company to better its currently existing machine systems for learning.

Critics were seen speaking about how Apple’s concerns regarding the whole data leaks fears are not uncalled for. It’s something that needs consideration and the fast the tech giant finds a solution, the better it will be for them.

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