Creators File Lawsuit Against Ban Of TikTok In Montana Amid Calls Of Unconstitutional Behavior

A group of US-based content creators who are known for entertaining on the TikTok app has reportedly filed a new lawsuit against the passing of the platform’s ban in Montana.

For those who might not be aware, the American state of Montana turned out to be the first US state to pass a ban on the popular social media platform into the legislature.

The bill’s signing was done yesterday by the state’s governor and people were certainly shocked to see such a bold decision come forward.

But creators who depend on the platform for revenue are not happy and are now suing to block this law that was recently signed. It is known to ban the platform’s operations across the state.

Several creators on the platform claim the new law that was launched recently would ban such an app’s functioning in the state and while there are no details on how exactly that would arise and what the consequences would be for violating the ban, one thing is for sure. Not everyone is celebrating the news.

The case was filed during the later hours of last night and it was mentioned how the passing of SB 419 was against the country’s constitution and it was going against the citizens’ freedom of speech.

Furthermore, the lawsuit alleged that nobody has the right to enforce such laws that go against America’s own foreign policy. They felt there is yet to be any form of leading evidence that shows how America’s foreign policy is under threat or that such an app’s functioning would threaten the security interests of the nation.

It similarly went on to make the suggestions that Montana cannot ban its own citizens from seeing or posting on the platform, similar to how they cannot ban them from seeing content published across top media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal due to the owner involved and any ideas put forward.

The main name behind the filing of this lawsuit appears to be Davis Wright Tremaine who also made up another similar lawsuit to be launched in the year 2020 when former US President Donald Trump used his executive powers and called for a complete ban of the ByteDance-owned platform.

Now, we’re seeing top lawmakers from Montana pave the way for similar allegations made by Trump including how TikTok is a huge threat to the country. And if Joe Biden cannot issue a nationwide ban then it’s up to individual states to take matters into their own hands.

Such news is clear proof of how these kinds of lawsuits mean people are not yet willing to accept Montana’s moves to deprive citizens of putting out their thoughts and opinions and just exercising freedom of speech.

This particular lawsuit saw TikTok as a means to promote current affairs and market local firms and showcase the true natural beauty of the world. They defended it as a peaceful app that was solely designed to promote entertainment and provide creators with a great chance to promote positivity while earning money.

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