Montana Becomes First US State To Approve TikTok Ban

The American state of Montana has turned into the first location in the US to say yes to a TikTok ban.

It’s the news that TikTok was dreading for so long but now it’s finally happening after the state governor signed that into law during the afternoon hours of Wednesday.

This prevented anyone in the state from installing the application and putting out fines for those who tried to offer it across Google Play and the App Store.

The ban was all set to come into play on January 1 and the move is now expected to set forward some more challenges for the company that’s under the ownership of Bytedance.

The bill is known to be the first of its kind and despite the governor facing some major challenges to enable it to come into action, it’s finally here, whether citizens may like it or not.

There was a tweet put forward after the bill’s signing that showed how the state was very concerned about Montana and its citizens having their details out in the open. There was a major risk attached to this and how the governor felt the citizens were facing constant threats from China’s Communist Party gaining hold of their details. So to avoid such circumstances from arising in the first place, this would be the best way forward.

We heard about Montana banning the app since the end of last year. The reason was very simple. There were high speculations of government-owned devices being tracked. So now, we’re not quite sure how exactly such a ban would come into play and what will happen to those individuals that install the application before such a ban comes into effect. But these regulations won’t punish or fine individuals that make use of this platform, it was confirmed.

The major legal concerns regarding this have to do with the fact that there are several free speech matters that need to be looked after. And the overall notion is linked to how this platform is in conflict with rules outlined in the First Amendment.

Ever since a discussion regarding this began in the US, lawyers mentioned how it’s very likely that the country’s legal system would be on TikTok’s side but supporters feel it’s very much possible that we’re going to see that this time around, citizens’ safety is taken into consideration.

Right now, we’re hearing about a majority of states across the US getting wary about this and that’s why Congress has stepped in and opted to ban all government-owned devices from having this app installed.

ByteDance was busy trying to track citizens of the US and some officers of the Federal Government. There is even some news about how Federal officials as well as Congress members are very concerned regarding this and it could directly cause more spying situations via this particular app.

Whatever the case may be, TikTok is still very adamant about sticking to its guns and being confident about how it has done nothing wrong.

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