Apple Celebrates As Its Customer Subscriptions Are Close To Hitting The 1 Billion Milestone

The fiscal Q2 results for Cupertino firm Apple are out and the company was quick to mention some great findings.

For starters, they recorded a new March revenue record in terms of iPhone sales. On the other hand, the tech giant spoke about another new high in terms of revenue generated through Services.

A huge part of this is linked to customer subscriptions by Apple and also by CEO Tim Cook who mentioned during the firm’s earnings call that it was close to reaching the massive one billion figure.

The Services revenue currently stood at $20.9 billion while Apple’s CEO and CFO mentioned how the firm was seeing massive record growth in its App Store, Apple Care, Advertising front, as well as its iCloud among many other departments.

It’s a big picture and both Cook and Maestri mentioned how Apple was now over the moon regarding this and now, it has more than 975 million people who are actively subscribing. This is more than 40 million in the past three months while Apple noted how it was adding more than 150 million since the past year.

What is even more impressive is how Apple’s CFO mentioned how the iPhone maker had less than half of this one billion milestone subscription figure three years back. So as you can imagine, the growth has been massive.

Another update was linked to the specific figure for active devices that were not shared with any type of referencing other than more than ‘two million’ that was published by the company in February of this year.

The services growth had to do with the company’s growing active device base and great customer satisfaction with loyalty. There was a bigger engagement now than ever as more factors were driving the sector now.

Apple notes that this is a huge chance for it to move ahead with a bang. The firm’s CEO also stated how he sees the company’s Services as underpenerated in so many other areas. So you can expect the tech giant to be moving full throttle in this respect as they’re trying to really make the most of their leading position.

So, all in all, the reports are positive, and considering how testing the current situation is around the globe, it makes sense why celebrations are in store.

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