A Closer Look At How Cutting-Edge Generative AI Technology Is Altering The Marketing Landscape

The world we’re living in today is clearly getting impacted by the evolution of technology. And recently, the hottest debate is linked to generative AI and its role in altering the marketing landscape.

The marketing sector is one that continues to evolve as we speak. And for businesses to stay ahead of the game, they need to be mindful of all the trends designed to keep a lasting impression on the audience.

Generative AI has arrived with a bang and today, it’s being hailed as one of the best and most groundbreaking advancements in the past few years. The impact on the marketing sector is believed to be huge and to help give the world a better picture of how that was made possible, well, we’re bringing forward a new study that highlights just that and more.

An infographic from Novacloud shows us how AI has really taken a toll on marketing trends. It’s a visual journey like no other that displays how such technology is affecting today’s landscape, for better or worse.

It’s all about curating customized content and elevating audience engagement too. Remember, generative AI redefines a great many possibilities linked to both firms and marketers. It’s truly a captivating world and one that needs to be explored further in terms of how it’s getting reshaped into something worth connecting with people and bringing out the most meaningful outcomes imaginable.

Today, a whopping 77% of firms are making use of AI technology including generative AI. The latter is the term reserved for producing an algorithm for new content that makes use of existing content. So when you feel content that’s already present in the market in the system, what you end up with is something evolutionary.

This could be in the form of audio, code, text, images, simulations, and video as well.

At the end of the day, the goal is to teach systems based on machine learning. By making use of existing content, the machine must make use of AI to come up with content that’s new.

Tools like ChatGPT are making use of 45 terabytes and that’s a lot. You can think of it as a huge amount of library space, bookshelf space, and a cost worth $12 million. Today, so many marketing professionals are finding new ways to better old problems.

So as we speak, the world continues to rapidly adopt the concept of Generative AI and so many sectors are using it today. Both high-tech/telecom and legal services stand at 28% while finance stands at 24%.

Retail is 22% while Automotives is 20%. Healthcare is 14% but this is just the start as trends have really picked up the pace in such a short span of time. Research has proven that in the past 5 years, Generative AI use has more than doubled.

Coming to the marketing sector, it has impacted email marketing, customer service, and marketing lead scoring the most with figures ranging between 83% to 87%. Fraud stands at 64% while cross-selling stands at 63% and service chatbots stand at 47%.

AI is really assisting with different growth areas and it’s making business productivity go up by 40%. Therefore, it would not be wrong to mention how such smart tools are really paving the way for more opportunities. Common ones that are in use today include Bard, Nova, ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Make A Video.

But despite achieving so many breakthroughs, it would not be wrong to mention experts feel the tools are still in their infancy. This is just the start and experts feel there are endless opportunities coming soon.

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