The Rise Of AI Will Only Make Big Tech Companies Stronger As Experts Urge To Address Imbalance

The world of AI is certainly expansive and today, many data models underpinning the ordeal are quite intensive. This includes a great amount of sophistication with powerful calculations that ensure a useful approach.

The great news about this kind of technology, tools, and raw computing is that it can design such data models that are easily accessible to the masses. And that is how the great wave of AI tools came into being.

Be it the famous Microsoft Bing or OpenAI’s ChatGPT - the list of hits are countless and they continue to rise at an exponential speed.

But with the good does come some bad and a leading number of advocacy groups feel this tech boom is just making big tech giants stronger and their influence continues to flourish. After all, just a few leading firms have the capability and framework to provide support for such AI apps. Similarly, all AI tools rely on services provided by Amazon’s Web, Microsoft’s Azure, and Google’s Cloud. And then they can even have a combination of the trio as well.

On a more practical basis, this means AI startups start to compete with various tech giants in a seemingly real manner. It just contributes further to some bottom lines. And the more small-scale firms make use of cloud platforms, the greater power they’re giving to their bigger counterparts by paying them.

The dynamic is huge and it continues to show how the rise of AI will only make the Big Tech world powerful and entrenched in a number of different sectors. And even when worries regarding their potential are at their peak due to monopolistic practices, there’s not a lot that can be done. And we’re living as if it’s the new norm.

New research by NYC is having its say on the matter too. And they claim the latest AI boom is giving rise to the concept of ‘now or never’ to handle the scenario.

This past week, researchers at NYU detailed a new report that spoke of the effect of AI development and how it is foundationally reliant upon resources that are under the power of Big Tech. Moreover, some claim the latter plays an integral role in the current US-China race too, providing greater geopolitical importance.

The resort even highlighted how AI development is heavily reliant upon Big Tech resources, making most of the narrative be shaped through Big Tech. It’s an idea that AI needs innovation for some great connections for progress in society.

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