Let’s See What’s New in WhatsApp Beta for Android and iOS

If you're a WhatsApp user, you'll be excited to know that the Meta-owned messaging app has some new updates on the horizon to improve your experience. They recently released a beta for Android, and we have all the details.

One of the updates is a redesigned attachment menu that looks more modern and user-friendly. They're also making some changes to the keyboard, moving the selection bar to the top and removing the categories bar for emojis. While some users may worry that they won't be able to quickly access their favorite emojis, WhatsApp is still testing the feature, so it may change before it's released.

The update also includes information about compatibility with older operating systems. If you have an Android version lower than 5.0, the app will no longer work. This is because WhatsApp wants to ensure that the app is safe to use and provides the best experience possible. After you install the update, you might notice that the WhatsApp logo looks bigger than usual when you open the app. Don't worry, this is a known issue and doesn't affect the functionality of the app.

We're excited to see what other updates WhatsApp has in store for us. The latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update has brought a new feature to the drawing editor: a revamped text editor. This feature is designed to enhance the user experience when editing images, videos, and GIFs by providing new text tools. The new text editor includes various features such as font options, text alignment, and text background color. Users can now easily select from different fonts and customize their text by changing the alignment to the left, center, or right. They can also change the background color of the text to make it stand out more.

With the new text editor, users will have access to new fonts such as Calistoga, Courier Prime, Damion, Exo 2, and Morning Breeze. This will give users even more options to choose from when customizing their text. The new text editor is currently available to some beta users but will be available to all of the users soon. It will roll out to even more users over the coming days.

The new text editor is part of WhatsApp's ongoing efforts to improve the user experience and provide new features to its users. With the ability to customize text in images, videos, and GIFs, users will be able to express themselves more creatively and effectively. As always, WhatsApp will continue to release updates and new features to enhance its messaging platform.

Both of these features are still rolling out and soon they will be available to all Android WhatsApp Users all around the world.

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