WhatsApp users will soon be getting an updated UI as well as the ability to keep messages from disappearing

The Meta-owned app, WhatsApp, is currently working on two new features for its users. Based on the latest articles posted by Wabetainfo, the company is going to add a new user interface as well as a feature that will allow users to prevent a message from disappearing.

Starting off with the ability to keep messages, WhatsApp users will soon be able to hold messages they don’t want to disappear from chat. If a user receives a disappearing message and they want to keep it to view it later, they can select the “keep” option that will soon be available. Previously, it wasn’t possible, and messages would disappear if they were sent using disappearing mode, but with the upcoming version, users will have full authority over texts they want to hold onto.

If after a while the user decides to let go of it, they can simply “unkeep” it from the chat information, and it would disappear permanently. The feature will come in handy for those who receive a text containing useful information and want to keep it to go through it later as well. The pilot phase of the new feature has already been rolled out to a number of iOS testers, and it is believed that over time, the number of testing audience will increase.

Jumping on to the other update, the developers at Whatsapp are also planning to upgrade the UI by adding a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. With all the latest updates being rolled out on Android variant, a need for an updated user interface was felt to make it more accessible to the audience. Based on the preview shared in the article, it is visible that having a navigation bar at the bottom will make things easier. Since the UI for iOS version is already different, Android users wanted the same for their version as well.

As the working is still in its early stage, no testing version has been introduced for beta Android audience; however, the article did mention that soon it might be available in future updates.

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