WhatsApp users will soon be able to edit text, receive full-width messages, and lock chats

According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp users will soon be getting their hands on three exciting updates that are meant to be released in upcoming versions. Out of the three updates, one is compatible with beta for Android and one with beta for iOS, while the third one is still under development and not available even for beta testing.

Starting off with the first update, some beta Android users are getting a renovated text editor. With the latest modifications, editing pictures, videos, or GIFs will be possible. According to the snapshot posted by Wabetainfo, by opening the text editor, users will be able to identify if the update is available to them. Those who will be among the selected users will be able to edit any media on WhatsApp.

Users will be able to select fonts more easily, and not only this, but a number of new fonts have also been added to the list. Users will also be able to align their text, giving them more authority over text formatting. And lastly, they’ll also be able to switch background colours so they can separate the main topic from the rest of the text.

Beta version have already been released to some Android users, and more will receive it over a short period of time.

Moving on to the second update, beta testerson iOS will soon be able to receive full-width messages in the WhatsApp community. The new interface is aimed to make announcements more readable. Based on the screenshot shared, it is visible how the community announcements will look different from the regular conversations based on their interface. Since announcements are “read-only” messages, it is important for them to be readable as compared to one on one or group conversations.

Some beta iOS users have already received the new update, while others will be getting it soon. It was also revealed that the update is being made for beta Android testers as well.

And lastly, the messaging platform is planning to introduce a new security update that will allow its users to lock certain chats. The platform has lately been working on a number of privacy features, and recently it was announced that, just like the “view once” feature, a “playable once” update for voice notes was being developed. The latest feature is meant to provide more privacy to the audience as the locked conversations can only be opened by either a fingerprint scan or password.

Since the idea is in its early developmental stage, a beta version hasn’t been released yet. However, Wabetainfo shared a preview of how it may look like.

Once a conversation has been secured, no one except the owner will be able to unlock it, and if anyone tries to open it and fails to unlock it, they will cause the whole conversation to be deleted, and after that they can open it. As a result, not only text messages but media items will also be kept private, as media received in locked chats won’t be saved to the gallery.

No date has been shared as to when the update will be available, either for beta users or for general users. But it can be expected that it will be introduced soon in a future update.

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