Influencers On Instagram Aren’t Happy With Meta After Its Two Massive Layoffs Cause Problems In Customer Service

The worst thing for any customer is not getting assistance from a brand when problems arise and that appears to be taking place on Instagram.

Top influencers on the leading social media platform aren’t happy with the way things are operating on the app at this moment in time. Most of them claim to derive a livelihood through the app. But when it comes to getting good customer service, they’re being left in the dark and they’re not loving it.

Most are claiming to get little to no feedback, as far as customer service is concerned. And that’s when Meta had just recently conducted two massive firing sprees, getting rid of employees that took care of that division.

Now, the company seems to be struggling and failing at fulfilling those deficiencies. Around 11,000 workers would be left out in the dark- this is the type of announcement the firm followed through with.

All job cuts have taken a toll on the way customer service runs on the app as per a new report by CNBC. And these aren’t ordinary clients making clients. Some are leading fashion models and socialites including Katya Karlova. She complained of images getting stolen by people so they could create more fake profiles of hers.

Other than that, some of her pictures received the ‘too explicit’ status by the app and since a lot of those were affiliated with brands, it was turning into a major problem for her. And by the time she got a chance to respond to such bans, the number of followers got affected.

After all such problems arose, Karlova questioned whether or not Meta could give better client support and services because, by the looks of it, much fewer people are being designated tasks to address such matters.

Meanwhile, another example featured the top community manager of the group 50 Shades of Pink on Facebook. MeLynda Rinker revealed how she had some problems with the backend of Facebook Analytics. For help, she contacted the app’s support team and nobody reached back to her.

Therefore, she released a statement that outlined how strongly she felt when Meta fired its Facebook teams. She saw things were not functioning as before and they just failed to be given the same attention as that from the past.

The struggles were real and those users of the app were the ones getting affected it was frustrating, to say the least.

Those remaining are feeling pressured while the rest are not working as efficiently as there is not enough help to get tasks of the same magnitude done.

For now, Meta is yet to release any comments on the matter but we don’t think this matter can be hidden for too long as it’s serious. Content creators and influencers are known for making their voices heard and by the looks of it, Meta would surely need to give in before it’s too late.

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