WhatsApp users will soon be able to share statuses simultaneously on Facebook without switching the app

WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new update that would allow its users to share their statuses on Facebook as well. As both of these platforms are owned by Meta, the new update will make things easier for Facebook and WhatsApp users.

Wabetainfo revealed that the latest feature is still in it’s early stage and that the pilot variant, which has been rolled out but whose features are not yet available for general users. The update will allow Whatsapp users to share the same status simultaneously on both platforms without leaving the application. Initially, if a user had to post the same status, they were required to shift between the applications.

By default, the feature won’t be turned on, so those who are willing to use it will be required to switch it on by going to the settings section in WhatsApp, tapping on “Privacy,” and then “Status.” From there, they can tap on the settings they want to proceed with and exit the section.

According to the preview image shared by WBI, under the status privacy section, an option to add a Facebook profile will be present. Once a profile has been added, users will be able to share their status across accounts.

Not only this, but the developers are also working to improve the user interface. Previously, WBI revelaed that WhatsApp would add a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen in order to make it more accessible for Android users, just like the one available for the iOS version. As per WABetaInfo, the platform is planning to change the edges from pointed to round corners. In addition to this, smaller margins will also be added for iOS users.

Once again, the update is still under development, hence the beta variant has yet to be released. However, it can be expected that both updates will be available in the upcoming versions.

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