WhatsApp app users will soon be able to approve new participants in groups and auto-share status updates on Facebook

Meta-owned app, WhatsApp is bringing two new updates for both iOS and Android users. According to the latest reports, WhatsApp is planning to roll out an approve new participants feature for the iOS version while auto sharing status updates on Facebook for the Android version.

Starting off with the approve new participants feature, back in March 2023, the pilot version of the feature was rolled out for the testing audience. After its successful run, the feature is ready to make its global entry. The feature is aimed at providing more control to the group admins in managing their members. As a result, only selected users can be added.

The feature will be only visible to the admins. Even if anyone tries to join it via link, the user will have to go through a screening process under the name of pending participants section. From here, the admin can decide who they want to add and who they don’t want in the group. The option to approve can be switched off by the administrators at any time they want. The updated feature is now available on Apple’s App Store, and those who are still unable to find it might receive it shortly.

Moving on to the second update, a few weeks ago, it was announced that iOS users would be able to share WhatsApp status directly to their Facebook profile without switching apps. The same feature will soon be available for Android users as well. As per the source, the piloting stage will soon be available for test runs.

Users will be able to control what goes on their Facebook story, and they can also disable the feature anytime they want to. As a result, users will have full control over their story and status privacy. The ability to share updates on both WhatsApp and Facebook profiles will make things more accessible for users and will connect audiences across both platforms. The feature is still in its early developmental stage and will soon be available globally. So far, no official release date has been given by any of the WhatsApp officials.

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