Most Popular And Highest-Paying Jobs For Young Professionals In Perspective

Job trends for young professionals are not quite like what they used to be in the past. And to help give you a better insight into what’s trending in terms of young adults trying to make it big in today’s competitive world, the folks over at Skynova have done some research on this topic.

The data comes to us thanks to a new and popular state-level survey from IPUMS. It entails the thoughts and beliefs of those aged between 22 to 35 or better known as Generation Z and young millennials.

The goal of the study was to see which occupations are common among young adults including what sort of salaries are being offered to them. The data was collected between 2020 to 2022. And it’s safe to say that there were plenty of interesting findings worth a mention.

So much has changed and the study even went on to showcase how many people had differnet perspectives about job satisfaction as well as career goals. These results provide the right glimpse into a very unique financial and job landscape comprising young adults trying to make a decent earning.

The study first looked at which careers were the most popular among the younger lot in 2022 and then which ones were growing in terms of popularity. Moreover, in the past few years, we’re seeing the leading five careers among adults be registered nurses, school teachers, retail managers, customer service reps, and drivers or truckers.

In 7th place, we had software developers but again, that was more prevalent among older age groups.

Places like Los Angeles, Washington, and New York City are some of the many where tech careers are popular. And it’s good that these jobs pay well because the cost of living is really high at the moment.

The study even showed how electrician jobs rose by 7% as did those linked to computer occupations. Meanwhile, the least popular ones included proofreaders, podiatrists, print binders, etchers, and those operating machines that carry out adhesive bonding.

As far as which job pays the most in the US is concerned, it’s lawyers, hands down. And that’s why you’ll find plenty of people running toward that field. On average, they’re making $150,000 each year. But that’s for youngsters. Their older counterparts are making so much more.

On the contrary, a lot of people from Gen Z aren’t keen on entering this profession, the survey noted. This could be why it failed to meet the list for most popular jobs among youngsters today.

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