France Passes New Bill Entailing Guidelines For Social Media Influencers

The French National Assembly has recently passed a new bill designed to align new requirements for various social media influencers.

The vote would soon be moved toward the Senate for referral but there happens to be a huge chance that it would receive adoption in several weeks' time. This is because all 49 deputies voted in the bill’s favor when present at the National Assembly meeting.

This bill was reportedly a part of negotiations for quite some time now as one French Green Party set out a new draft way back in the year 2022.

The news comes as the party enlisted an array of complaints including how so many influencers were seen setting out new scams as there were no negative consequences in place. During this time, we saw notable personalities including French Rapper Booba claims that scammers and affiliated influencers were on the rise, and that led to mega media coverage.

As it is, France’s Government is taking the matter very seriously and hopes to look it up with the country's Ministry of Economy. They hope to see what is at stake and provide some more consultations on the matter. It was only recently that several deputies submitting their complaints about a draft bill that would reverse this around and give rise to new legislation, after taking support from the government.

But what exactly does this new bill comprise? For starters, it will lay down the foundation of what exactly is a paid influencer. This includes talking about how they’re a person that gains a reputation by the content they share and similarly markets their products. In return, they get money or some kind of benefit.

Those people that meet such criteria would need to obey the rules. But one of the biggest changes to expect includes the impact such types of influencer content have in terms of disclosing if their content is filtered or made using photoshop. And that mention would need to be visible at all times on the associated post.

With such constraints in place, the parliament in France does not wish to punish its influencers. In fact, it wishes to provide more protection for users on social media apps against topics like mental health and depression and others including anorexia and bulimia.

Furthermore, the bill enlists more things including what influencers are not allowed to do like market cosmetic surgery or fake goods and services.

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