Twitter Gives Users Green Light To Access Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, And Financial Assets After Collaborating With eToro

Twitter is giving users the chance to access shares, crypto, and a number of other finance-related products after collaborating with top social trading firm eToro.

The news was confirmed on Thursday when the tech giant mentioned the launch of a new endeavor through the Twitter app. This would make it simpler to witness market charts through a wide range of financial instruments. Similarly, it would allow for the buying and selling of shares with various other types of assets at eToro. The company confirmed the news today while speaking for an exclusive interview with CNBC.

At the moment, the company says it’s already possible to view trading stats in real time via TradingView from index funds. This is similar to S&P 500 with stocks of some firms like Tesla. Simply avail of the feature by looking at the app’s cashtags offering where you look for ticker symbols and add dollar signs at the front. After that, you’ll see the app showcasing price details through TradingView via API.

With the collaboration with eToro, the app’s cashtags would undergo expansion so it covers more instruments as well as asset classes, the spokesman for eToro unveiled during the interview.

Furthermore, users would be given the chance to press a button that has the label ‘view on eToro’ and that redirects them to the website. Users can then purchase and sell assets across this platform. EToro mentioned how it considers TradingView one of its leading partners when it comes to the best market data out there today.

The past three years have allowed the firm to achieve immense growth and we have been able to witness a lot of users communicate with Twitter on this subject and gain insights regarding today’s markets.

A lot of content is present today and it’s in real-time and has to do with high quality. You really do get to see the global market picture as the partnership allows people to reach newer audiences and build better and bigger connections with brands like eToro and Twitter simultaneously.

The collaboration is a rare one but it’s definitely impactful as such business deals are a huge thing for tech billionaire Elon Musk who is now leading the Twitter platform after taking charge in October of last year.

eToro is a firm based in Israel that came into being in 2007 and deals with an online brokerage where users can purchase and sell shares, index funds, and crypto. As far as the company’s most popular offering is concerned, it’s a feature that enables individuals to copy the trading strategies of so many individuals. Today, it has nearly 32 million users from Europe, the US, and Asia.

We’re seeing Twitter undergo a difficult period right now in terms of its advertisers. The company’s staff has gone down from 8000 to 1500 after Musk felt the urge to reduce prices by slashing the working staff by a significant amount.

But the news really put advertisers on alert and so many businesses opted to take a step back as they felt the content moderation of the app would suffer the most. Now, things are getting better and Musk did admit how advertisers are returning after a brief pause period.

With that said, some are still hesitant to return including Volkswagon who says they’re just not ready to make a comeback on Twitter yet.

eToro’s head says they’re super excited about the collaboration between finance and social media and working with Twitter for the first time. The company knows that financial Twitter is trending on the app and a lot of people are turning to the platform to get the latest developments regarding shares and various others assets.

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