Generative AI Could Soon Be Coming To Twitter As Elon Musk Invests Millions In AI Options

The world of generative AI has taken over the tech world and it appears that Elon Musk has no plans of leaving Twitter behind.

The tech billionaire could soon be on his way to instilling the technology in the popular microblogging website as he is now seen investing millions in various AI options.

But it’s wouldn’t be wrong to call the move controversial, especially since the Twitter chief was a part of the first few to raise eyebrows and concerns about the dangers that AI development came with.

Thousands of GPUs are now being looked at so Twitter may begin the assembly of its own AI products which may serve as fierce competition to the makers of ChatGPT and OpenAI.

Thanks to a new report by Busienss Insider, we know that Musk’s plans involving AI at Twitter are going to revolve around a huge language model. The speculations arise as a source familiar with the ordeal commented on the subject.

They claim the LLM is another name given to AI trained across huge data sets to help them produce new and sophisticated content alone. As it is, Twitter has huge numbers of data that may be used to train such language models.

At the start, we saw OpenAI utilize data from Twitter to carry out training of its own GPT models. But then Twitter decided to remove access during the latter part of 2022. Now, Musk and his team of executives are looking at more options in which they’re designing an endeavor of their own. The goal is to use huge piles of data from Twitter’s library to power the app’s own AI-based models.

At the end of it all, the goal is to stay up to pace with the newest trends regarding such developments in the world of technology.

When you actually look at it, this is not such a mega surprise. In the past month, so many reports popped up about Elon Musk working hard to hire developers specializing in AI so he could design his own AI models. The news came amid huge concerns related to speech and topical restrictions regarding AI tools like ChatGPT.

Remember, it’s just a single example of how the tech billionaire sees this as a leading agenda toward a change in models which is why he is very keen to design his own tools.

This ties back to the bigger push linked to free speech. It provides a major platform for all kinds of viewpoints, no matter what the personal inclination could be toward a single political side. For so long, Elon Musk has worked hard to give an open platform so all can enjoy. So along such lines, we could soon be seeing the creation of new AI models.

Let’s not forget how Musk has had his own fair share of debates with the makers of ChatGPT. Remember, the tech billionaire was one of the first investors of the firm, right before it went about launching its AI tools for the consumer market. During the initial phase, it was Musk who donated a whopping $100 million to fuel the startup as a non-profit organization.

Musk has been very bold and blunt about how frustrated he feels after seeing the company soar to new heights and generate huge profits when it was beside the goal from the start.

Who knows, that might be the push that Musk needed to start his own line of AI tools that fit into the Twitter app impeccably. And if that does happen, it might be the best archrival to OpenAI.

But again, the thought of AI models being solely based on tweets is just mind-blowing, to say the least. It’s just toxic and would be a poor sight to witness.

Photo: Creator: Mike Blake / REUTERS

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