Elon Musk Issues New Date For Removal Of Twitter’s Legacy Blue Checks But Users Can’t Be Bothered

Elon Musk is moving full throttle and defending his claims that the removal of Twitter’s legacy blue ticks will happen. He has even provided a new date which is 4/20 but it’s safe to say that users of the app can no longer be bothered.

The platform had previously allocated April 1st as the deadline and that’s long gone. People who did not pay were still getting the verification like those that did spend $8 to stay verified.

So why did such unfair treatment take place? And why was there such a ramble about paid Blue Subscriptions when there’s no difference between the two?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. The date passed unnoticed because Musk and his team of top engineers simply did not know how to handle the matter. It appears like they may have bitten off way more than they can ever chew.

It was truly more newsworthy when users claimed they were still benefiting from verification without paying anything so was this really a gimmick that went horribly wrong?

Well, not really. Engineers spoke about how the company was still trying to figure out how to mass delete the legacy feature without causing a huge blow to the system. The latter would be an absolute disaster.

Musk really was left red in the face because he has been threatening to move such ticks for months and seeing nothing happen was just downright embarrassing. Now, if you pay, you simply get an alert on your account that claims you’re verified because you’ve got a subscription to Twitter Blue or are making use of legacy verified accounts.
The new date is now April 20th and we’re still not sure if this would go as planned or if it’s another disaster planned to trick users. Clearly, people might be running out of patience. The only account so far that has the blue tick stripped away is The New York Times and that might be because it boldly denied attaining that verification feature in public and so Musk had to do everything to make sure it didn’t have it.

So far, 116,000 people opted to take on the paid Twitter Blue and it’s far from the millions who Musk felt would get subscription services. It also just is not enough to turn the ordeal into a money-making generator.

For now, we’re going to wait patiently for April 20th and see if Musk sticks to his guns or not.

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