Twitter Blue In Chaos Again As App Restores Blue Ticks For Many High-Profile Accounts Including Dead Celebs After Removing Them

Another day spells another moment of chaos for Twitter and this time around, it’s a new and bizarre happening linked to the Blue Subscription.

We finally saw all Twitter accounts that failed to pay including top names from the industry, have their blue ticks removed. But little did anyone know that it would just be a temporary change.

A day after the dramatic unfolding arose, we saw account holders with huge followings have the tick reinstated for free. And now people can’t help but wonder if the app is trolling them or if Elon Musk can’t seem to get his priorities straight.

Top personalities including media journalists, singers, sportsmen, actors, models, and more took to the app to share screenshots of how it magically reappeared. And they’re glad they’re not being impersonated because it’s just a wild endeavor.

Ironically, most celebs had bid the tick farewell and they appeared to be least bothered in paying for the account including Priyanka Chopra and Malala. And seeing it appear back turned into a joke for some.

As you can imagine, the news turned into a meme for Musk and his app which seems to be having plenty of difficulties in terms of realizing what is the right call.

Memes that made it big included people dubbing Musk’s program as corrupted on a deep level. And we can’t help but agree because the intense decision of doing so appears to have backfired.

Musk had mentioned in a recent interview that the verification of the old ticks from the previous administration was just a ridiculous idea. He even went as far as stating that it was related to the Lords and Peasants system.

It’s also shocking that Musk is paying for some celebs so they stay on the app. This includes the likes of William Shatner, Stephen King, and LeBron James. This trio had severely criticized Musk and mentioned how they refused to pay.

Another spoke about how Musk’s rocket exploded but it was not the worst part of his day as there was more humiliation in store for him. Clearly, people were not going to forgive this endeavor for a long time.

Others were asking friends to think of a list of memes to put up against Elon Musk because that’s how frustrated they were after the billionaire’s decision of doing all of this.

But some did take it positively and felt like Musk wanted to cheer them up after the devastating news so he enabled verification of ticks again.

The drama got even more interesting when people who complained to Elon Musk about Twitter Blue and its unpredictability factor started to get the verification for free. Clearly, the tech billionaire is trolling people across the board.

This included all of those who complained to others and were very vocal about blocking others that were paying for verification now.

Musk shared an image of a crying baby with a blue tick on one leading journalist’s post from The New York Times. He said that his tick appeared again without him even asking for it.

He even went about sharing hashtags with the statement, ‘troll, me?’ when people felt that this was another joke and their verification may soon be stripped away.

The chaos got more interesting when reports began coming in about Twitter adding Blue Ticks to account holders belonging to dead celebs. It made them appear as if they were paid Blue Subscribers.

From Michael Jackson to late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant- it was just a bizarre endeavor altogether. How’s that for a bizarre reveal?

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