Facebook Groups Are Still Offering Fake Reviews On Amazon, Trustpilot, And Google Despite Crackdown

A new consumer group is shedding light on how so many fake Facebook groups are still functioning at a high, despite calls for a crackdown against them.

The news comes after the consumer group called for strict action against the endeavor, but received no luck from authorities and regulators. New data proves that such groups are still putting out fake reviews on the above-mentioned platforms.

Many regulators have called out big tech giants including Facebook’s parent firm to do something about the situation as per a recent investigation.

Moreover, it was seen how so many groups on the leading social network had thousands of members offering products for free in return for some fake reviews. The consumer group called Which says it’s high time that such groups were eradicated despite interventions from the past linked to regulators of the UK.

Meanwhile, researchers spoke about how 14 different groups from the Facebook app were even trading reviews for Google, Trustpilot, and Amazon. And as a whole, they were sharing nearly 62,000 among them.

It’s interesting how today, so many such groups have become the go-to place for online retailers. And the government of the United Kingdom is predicted to turn such practices into an illegal affair in future digital markets as well as the upcoming consumer bills.

This law would turn the practice into something more illegal so you can no longer end up paying people to write the fake endeavor or host the review without taking the necessary steps to ensure it’s authentic.

The country’s Competition and Markets Authority mentioned to Facebook that it needed to grab a hold of such fake reviews before it was too late. A warning was sent out in 2020 and 2021 when the leading social network was seen removing nearly 16,000 groups in total.

And the consumer group says it predicts how the groups in question had millions of followers as a whole.

But it’s not only one group that is highlighting Facebook’s shady behavior. Another leading name in the world of consumer groups says Facebook is giving rise to an alarming industry that is purely dedicated to the likes of fake reviews and seeing the trading occur at a swift pace means a lot.

A lot of people are getting exposed to fake data on top reviews and shopping apps and that needs to stop.

So the only solution right now appears to be a tough penalty and strong enforcement of such platforms that make the decision to support such groups or fail to do enough to thwart their behavior.

But Meta is not staying silent against the accusations. The leading tech firm says the Facebook app does not allow such fraudulent and deceptive activity to take place on the app, including putting out fake reviews. They have gotten rid of groups who went against the company’s policies and hope to ensure such crackdowns carry on in the future as well.

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