Twitter Blue Allows Users To Express Themselves Better With Enhanced Character Limits And Text Formatting Options

Twitter Blue is treating its subscribers to a bunch of new ways to better express themselves.

Just a few months ago, we saw the app enhance the limit for characters to 4000 so that meant saying hello to longer posts. Clearly, it was a change that many welcomed with open arms for obvious reasons.

After all, it’s not easy to speak your mind when you have a limit of just 280 characters in store. But now, the app is putting even bigger smiles across the faces of its Blue Subscribers by pushing the limit further to 10,000!

In the same way, we’re hearing more about the additions of both bold and italic formatting options for text as well.

As expected, such changes aren’t coming to different users because it’s exclusively for those who are paying extra. And while this change might seem to be something small to some people, some leading tech news outlets feel it’s a bigger push to compete with fellow market competitor Substack.

Substack is the name given to a publishing service that entails everything in one place. It provides authors with the chance to put out works and also receive financial retribution for their respective contributions. And with Twitter allowing its own series of changes for users to express themselves, what better to compete with its rival than this?

On the other hand, the app is also putting new subscriptions to the platform that provided American creators with the chance to avail of exclusive content that’s paid to subscribers.

Moving forward, so many subscriptions are going to be offered on the app that begins at $3 each month and then go as far as $10 a month. Meanwhile, Twitter’s requirements for this program are quite low right now as they only have three different things.

For starters, it needs users to have just 500 subscribers, be 18 years old, and produce tweets around 25 times in the past month. And thanks to this character limit with subscriptions coming forward in just a day’s time, we can well see how this could really turn into something new and big.

To further provide creators with the right opportunities and get them motivated, tech billionaire and Twitter Chief Elon Musk won’t be taking his share from the earnings gained by the app’s creators during the initial year. And if that’s not the best news ever then we’re not quite sure what is.

Remember, there’s nothing worse for creators than sharing revenue that they attained from their own hard work and efforts so we feel Musk certainly understands that and is definitely playing smart in terms of attracting more people to the app.

So to sum up, users that are paying for their Blue Subscriptions are going to get more access to features and that just is designed to make this service all the more exclusive than what it was when we first started a couple of months back.

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