Elon Musk Creates New Company That’s Dedicated To Artificial Intelligence Called X.AI

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has founded a new firm that he feels is going to be dedicated to the world of AI.

The new organization called X.AI was first brought into the spotlight today by The Wall Street Journal. It claims the firm arises after a filing in Nevada detailed more about its existence and how it came into being last month.

The director of course is Elon Musk while the secretary is Jared Birchall. The latter is the one who handles the billionaire’s family office. Meanwhile, the filing speaks more in detail about how Musk added the business to his long list of assets last year in March.

For a while now, we’ve been hearing news about the Twitter Chief beginning a new AI firm for quite some time now while a recent report put into the spotlight how Musk had purchased so many GPUs so he could operate a new type of generative AI ordeal.

Furthermore, a similar report by The Financial Times mentioned how Musk wished to produce AI firms so it could better compete with all other arch-rivals in the industry like OpenAI which is now receiving plenty of support thanks to investments with Microsoft.

It is also highlighted in the report how Elon Musk attained funds through both Tesla and SpaceX to get his mission started regarding this enterprise.

A recent interview by Elon Musk on his Twitter Spaces saw him being questioned about the long list of graphic processing units that he bought and during that time, we did not see him speak about any decisions to create the AI-based firm. All he did was play it smart by mentioning how people and their dogs were buying GPUs during this moment in time so it was not such a big deal.

What is very interesting is how this firm’s name is similar in terms of branding for X Corp. which happens to be his latest version of Twitter after the company was rebranded as a legal entity under that label this past week. He has similarly been seen using the X label for his ever-so-famous goal of creating the ‘everything app’.

Elon Musk has always been seen opposing the makers of ChatGPT that he used to be a co-founder when the firm came into existence in 2015. But three years down the line, the tech billionaire failed to see eye to eye with board members and was left with no decision but to walk away.

Did we mention how he was a part of the long list of 1000 signatories that signed a letter asking for the temporary pause of AI training in labs too?

Clearly, it seems as if Musk isn’t too sure about his own plans but it makes absolute sense why he’s going full throttle into this AI race. After all, it’s the trend that’s revolutionizing everything in the tech world and beyond today.

Photo: Liesa Johannssen-Koppitz/Bloomberg

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