TikTok Doubles The Scrolling Speed For Users Navigating Through Its Platform

TikTok is treating users of the platform with a new enhanced scrolling speed option.

If you were on the lookout for ways of navigating through the app at a quicker pace than before, your prayers may just have been answered.

Thanks to social media enthusiast Jonah Manzano who recently shared the news through his Twitter profile, and we expect users are going to love the feature.

Who doesn’t love to scroll through your favorite social media app at a quick pace? This is especially true when you’re limited on time or simply have tons and tons of content to view thanks to the great number of accounts you’re following on the platform.
All in all, it’s just an exciting endeavor to know that you no longer have to stick to the standard scrolling speeds that are seen on most apps out there today.

The news comes as more and more social media apps are trying hard to bring innovation forward and at the same time, ensure users’ demands are met. Remember, we’re living in a fast-paced tech world where speed does matter a lot.

The screengrab shows options that users can toggle on for enhanced scrolling speed options. This way, you’ll be scrolling through videos twice as fast as before. So stay tuned!

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