TikTok’s Influence On eCommerce Is Growing Among Young People, New Reports Confirm

TikTok is an app unheard of by none and as we speak, the platform’s impact on shopping continues to grow among so many younger individuals.

The news comes to us thanks to data from several reports and we’re delineating the key findings regarding them for you below.

As explained by a survey conducted by IZEA in 2022, both Gen Z and millennials thought of the app as one that they could most relate to and trust in terms of product promotions thanks to influencers, right ahead of both YouTube and Instagram.

Then in November, a survey by CouponFollow was conducted in the US, where 1,000 individuals claimed to have more trust in TikTok for shopping than all other platforms combined.

These developments come at a time when the leading social media app in America began allowing creators to generate a commission to enhance sales via the platform.

The report by IZEA proves how brands are really looking forward to attracting younger individuals including those on the TikTok app. It's nothing new to make such types of influencer marketing a part of its goals as confirmed by the founder and CEO of the firm.

Ted Murphy mentioned how this is not something that is considered an afterthought. Instead, they make up branding strategies in the market and provide meaningful investments when moving ahead.

The findings of the survey conducted late last year showed how 31% of individuals between the age of 18 and 29 claimed TikTok was the best app as far as influencers were concerned to market products. It was a huge jump from the 19% of people that felt this in 2021

Meanwhile, both Instagram and YouTube declined YoY as 24% of people taking part in the survey felt Instagram was their preferred while only 26% voted in favor of YouTube. When we look at things in terms of a breakdown of surveys conducted, TikTok was third as the most-used app among the 18 to 29-year age bracket. Instagram was second while YouTube took the lead.

More than half of the people taking part in the survey admitted to buying something that they saw being marketed online thanks to a leading social media influencer.

The second most interesting finding from the report is how younger audiences were more influenced by TikTok than others. But YouTube is also holding its ground in terms of enticing users and keeping them glued to shop more among all age groups.

Nearly 25% of those taking part in this survey said they would be keen on asking loved ones and acquaintances when purchasing something big. But then 42% outlined how they would search the TikTok app before buying something and then 40% turned to YouTube for help.

Lastly, users of the TikTok app claim they were already busy purchasing products that they witnessed on the platform recently.

They seemed to feel a unique type of connection with the platform than all others. And to be more mindful of the figures, those who saw at least 4 different things on the app ended up buying it all while spending an average of $150.

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