Google’s Auto-Archive Feature Allows Apps To Remain On The Phone Without Taking Up Space

No device comes with a guide on how many apps users should have. But it does depend on the internal storage which serves as the sole determining factor.

Some of us might have hundreds of apps that we are not really making use of. And a point in time does prevail where you question having such apps in the first place.

Now, Google is introducing a new auto archive feature for those who adore apps. It means you no longer have to get rid of old apps to make storage space for newer ones.

To attain the feature, users will need to opt for it but after getting committed, the endeavor will enable apps to stay on the form in the new format. More than 60% of the storage for the app would be removed.

This is all thanks to its exclusive offloading feature that remove app data from users’ device except for their own data. Hence, you’ll have the icon of the app there but if you wish to use it, you’ll need to install the main components again.

What is really nice about this whole endeavor is that you can return your experience, since none of the users’ data had been removed from the platform. But the best part has to be linked to how the feature is set up and it occurs automatically.

When needed, you can auto-archive the app. So Android users don’t need to be bothered about maintaining such platforms as Android ends up taking care of things. Yes, it would save space but it also enables users with many apps to rethink their choices about installing more.

Whatever the case may be, the feature is definitely a lifesaver for those having limited space on devices.

One important feature worth a glance at is how the feature called Auto-Archive is only going to be up for grabs to those developers that have the App Bundle for app publishing. So in case you wish to give it all a try, try to make sure you’ve got a device that is limited in storage. Try it out and download any app. You’ll soon be getting the chance to start app archiving.

Now that brings us to our next question. How many apps do you really have on your phone? Food for thought, right?

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