“Pizza flying through the space”: Photo stock shares the weirdest searches you made

For many years, there was a popular thought that photo banks are about ‘boring’ and ‘stocky’ images. The Depositphotos platform team decided to showcase the opposite side of business by sharing genuinely weird and funny searches their clients make. We mean, why on earth do people search flamingo riding a bicycle and a cheeseburger in paradise?

The weirdest report: freaky stock photos searches 2023

Weirdly Wonderful Searches project by Depositphotos contains a compilation of bizarre and popular search queries, comical collages, amusing misspellings such as "Machu Pikachu" instead of "Machu Picchu," and a collection of peculiar images that could potentially be incorporated into audacious creative campaigns.

“Pizza flying through the space”: Photo stock shares the weirdest searches you made

The platform’s library boasts 250 million files and millions of users of different countries and cultures, and every so often, its team stumbles upon some truly odd and absurd stock photo searches. Just when you believe you’ve seen it all—from a dog in a hotdog outfit to a snake with a tie—you discover that someone has searched for a photo of Jesus doing paperwork or a squirrel playing the piano.

And let's not overlook the typos—sometimes a single letter can drastically change the meaning. For instance, giraffes kissing is a cute search, but giraffes hissing takes your mind to an entirely different plane. And don't get us started on bearfoot woman. Dear photographers of women with bear-like feet, it appears this extremely niche market is thriving!

Weirdly Wonderful Searches 2023

The craziest part of the research — if you can imagine it, you can probably find a stock photo for it. Even for the chicken in a monocle or babies dressed as avocados.

However, some of these searches were so unique that even the stock platform search engine got confused. We mean, “knees bending the other way” and “my cat wants to kill me”? That's why the Depositphotos team took matters into their own hands and tried to visualize what the weirdest searches and typos would look like. You can explore the weirdness in its blooming beauty in a special collection.

The Depositphotos team went further and decided to imagine these pictures as a part of real ads – and share the result in their video. The truth is, these weird visuals would definitely stand out, and that’s half the win in advertising. So, maybe the weirdest visuals are exactly what you need to come up with the next viral ad campaign or just make your audience laugh!

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