Good News For iOS Users As Microsoft Unveils iMessage For Windows 11

iMessage is making its way to Windows, a feature that so many users have been anticipating for so long.

The news was made public by software maker Microsoft today regarding the arrival of Phone Link for iOS to all those having Windows 11. So that means iOS users can make and receive calls while sending out and receiving texts through iMessage. Similarly, they can access contacts and see alerts on phones directly through a Windows PC.

This feature was made available as a new preview for Insiders on Windows and they just couldn’t stop themselves from going public with the announcement.

This means Phone Link for iOS across all Windows 11 devices will start its launch to users worldwide in more than 39 differnet languages across 85 nations. And it has even started today as it might take a couple of weeks to attain the complete customer base, as noted by the firm.

Despite it getting available for users of Android for so long, iPhone users haven’t had any options for keeping connected with their pals and loved ones through a PC. There was always this discrepancy in terms of support that had some people stay away from exploring the PC environment of Windows as they wished they could make the most of a more meaningful experience when switching from one device to the next.

But keeping in mind how popular Windows is in today’s competitive business and personal computing world, this means saying hello to Apple and Microsoft which are really undeserving in this regard and can overlap consumer bases too.

As far as business professionals are concerned, one of the biggest advantages is Phone Links and how they respond to text messages and calls, and even view various notifications in a more discreet manner. For instance, during meetings and when putting out the iPhone might appear to be a tad bit unprofessional.

There are so many occasions where iPhone users may wish to charge phones before making their way out. But it can still keep them up with calls, alerts, and text messages as the phone gets plugged anywhere else.

For starters, the new Phone Link will guide users via a setup mechanism that pairs the iPhone to the PC in terms of Bluetooth.

This entails scanning the QR code as displayed on the screen and then using the phone to confirm by matching codes as displayed on the iPhone to that seen on the Phone Link. When this pairing is complete, users would be requested to provide a long list of permissions that enables content for syncing to the computer.

Meanwhile, as a part of the final step, Phone Link directs users to allow for permissions on the device through the Bluetooth settings. This is what allows them to get the phone’s notification on their PC while accessing contacts too.

As the setup is done, Phone Link offers some more support for other added features like texts, contacts, and phone calls. But it does come with its fair share of limits too. This includes zero support for replies to group texts or sending out media in texts. And since some messages might be based on sessions, they would come through when the device is connected directly to a PC.

Alerts, on the other hand, would be received via Windows’ alerts to the PC. So any user would be able to check, pin, and remove it from the respective interface.

To use the feature, Phone Link needs to work with iPhone devices having iOS 14 or greater, a Windows 11 device, and the latest variant of the Phone Link application with the right Bluetooth connection.

For now, there’s no support for MacOS or even iPads.

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