Facebook’s Former Security Chief Raises Alarm Against Musk’s Legacy Blue Tick Removal On Twitter

The former security chief of Facebook is not happy with Elon Musk’s decision to get rid of the classic Legacy Blue Checks on the Twitter platform.

Referring to it as a historical first, Alex Stamos mentioned how the dangers in terms of security are plenty and it might not be such a wise decision after all.

The chief of the Twitter app made the bold decision to get rid of the legacy blue tick from account holders starting April 20. But he did later restore them for leading personalities of the world including top celebs, models, and journalists.

This saw all of those accounts that received verification under the platform’s old policies be denied the ticks. Furthermore, Musk justified the call to assign blue ticks back to top public figures in an attempt to get rid of spam. Let’s not forget how determined he was for this cause as he referred to the old system as the Lords and Peasants system.

Toward the start, the billionaire did agree to provide blue ticks only to those that subscribed at $8 each month. But so many celebs and media outlets made it a point of refusing to pay for such services.

Those that did pay for it got it back and the list kept on increasing.

But no matter what Musk says, Stamos feels it’s just a decision that the tech billionaire took on his own thinking and was never done in the past. Doing something of this severity in today’s advanced digital world is not the brightest move, he added during a recent podcast appearance.

Let’s not forget how Stamos has been so critical for Elon Musk in the past and that’s when he was serving as Facebook’s leading security officer until the year 2018. He’s also been serving his expertise as the lead information security officer for Yahoo and has a cybersecurity firm while providing lessons at Standford University.

Similarly, Stamos shed light on the advancements of generative AI and how the world is literally on the edge as the cost of producing content is now nothing. But in regards to Musk, he feels the platform is in decline as it did have an awfully stable system for verifying accounts. But today, it’s quite unstable as it’s so hard to differentiate between humans and AI bots.

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