Pinterest Announces More Security Features Including Parental Controls And New Age Verification Measures

It was last month when the leading social media app Pinterest came under fire after an investigation by NBC accused the firm of being a safe haven for pedophiles.

Child abusers were making use of the app to produce picture boards featuring young females. And to help counteract those concerns, the app is now opting to include an array of safety features.

This entails some more innovative control for parents as well as more advanced measures for the age verification of users to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria outlined. On the other hand, it was interesting to see the company highlight how it was willing to re-open some things that were locked down in the past for teenagers.

In the past, they were barred from sharing and messaging other people on the app after contacts got approved. But that won't be the case anymore.

Moreover, the investigation ended up staining the app and even held a bad name against its much-trusted reputation as being the best and safest place on the web. The report similarly found that so many others social media apps were also at risk of getting abused through the hands of bad actors and this might be one of them.

Grown men were finding no problem in creating boards featuring young girls’ pictures and then portraying pictures of them doing sports, swimming, taking part in dances, and sticking tongues out as a means of sexual behavior.

Additionally, the app’s recommendation engine was really adding ease by finding similar content that helped predators find what they needed. The news was certainly alarming and that’s why American senators made it a point to not waste any time and quickly reach out to the app for a response against the allegations coming out.

What was the app going to do to prevent people from feeling unsafe? So now, Pinterest says that it also hopes to increase the number of human moderators on its platform and include more features that enable more people to report content that comes under the titles of sexual behavior, nudity, and porn. This also entails those including misuse of minors.

Pinterest has really swept the country and managed to deactivate so many of its accounts. It’ 's a move that could have disabled legitimate accounts along the way while doing so because we’ve heard users complaining about that.

But whatever the case may be, seeing Pinterest put forward more security measures is clear proof that it’s keen on making sure all of its audience members stay safe on the app.

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