Is Meta’s Facebook Falling Apart? Workers Who Survived The Massive Layoffs Are Having Their Say

Meta has been in the line of fire recently when Mark Zuckerberg made the bold decision to lay off thousands of employees from the Facebook company.

Think along the lines of reducing the workforce by a staggering 30%. Yes, it’s as dramatic as it sounds, and that too, in a span of just six months. Clearly, it’s not good news in terms of worker morale.

A new report by The New York Times has Meta mates that managed to pull off the layoff spree and still secure a position in the tech giant have their say on what they really feel about the organization.

Remember, 26,000 is a huge figure and so many people are really struggling to navigate through the toxic work culture where firings are taking center stage, not to mention plenty of steps to reduce costs, and then having to deal with bosses that are mostly absent.

But how do most employees feel at Facebook is a question on many people’s minds?

The answer is simple, they’re in the center of a huge limbo at this point in time. Speaking to The New York Times recently, many claim it’s like the combo of Hunger Games combined with Lord of the Flies. Here, everyone and anyone wishes to suck up to the management and prove their worth.

But seeing Silicon Valley get bombarded with huge layoffs puts Meta in a very difficult position. Facebook’s parent firm is not having the best of times and with shares sliding downwards by nearly 43% from what was seen 19 months ago, it’s definitely a huge deal.

Putting all of these woes aside, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is in another league altogether. We’ve seen him push away from his much-loved Metaverse idea while putting more focus on the world of generative AI as what’s trending. But he is looking at 2023 in a more optimistic manner and is calling it the year for the efficiency of the company.

The teams are decreasing in size and the cost-cutting is certainly getting larger too. But all in all, this is really making a mockery of the firm’s operations, and people feel lost with no one to report to.

New reports from The New York Times have workers so scared that they’re just not able to justify the roles being carried out to make themselves seem busy or navigate from one employee to the next. It’s like a very cutthroat surrounding where no one wishes to be.

It’s not wrong to say that people are scared their head is on the chopping block next and it’s now a reality that so many workers are being forced to deal with.

Other measures taken to reduce costs have other employees worried too. So many internal chat rooms were brought into the spotlight and we saw workers from the NYT being frustrated by a lack of food in the cafeteria and limited options in the kitchens. But one of the biggest grievances that most workers are having trouble dealing with is how leading executives that they’re supposed to report to aren’t even in the country.

They’re living all around the world but you’ll never see their face in the office.

Clearly, the problems are plenty and the cracks are really showing through. It’s going to be interesting to see how CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans on handling this because it’s better to deal with it sooner than later.

By the looks of it, working at Meta is no longer a fantasy, thanks to such experiences coming to light. What do you think?

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