LinkedIn Responds To Security Threats By Expanding Its Identification Features

While the Twitter app may not be doing a great job with its verification initiative, that is not the case for other leading social media apps like LinkedIn.

The popular professional networking platform is on a mission to better its identification features by warding off threats brought on by scammers.

The company is doing that by providing more access to the CLEAR Platform, as announced today.

This leading network first published its ID verification last year in October but now, it hopes to see a bigger expansion by adding Microsoft Entra as well as CLEAR to its database. Similarly, it is hoping to verify firms free of cost through emails for better security.

To attain access to CLEAR, it would need to give American IDs and phone numbers. In the same way, it would allow users to mention on profiles that they received verification approval from CLEAR. And before we forget, this is different from the airport CLEAR attained.

To sign up for the feature, simply log in via your app on iOS or Android and enable it. But wait, that’s not all. Users can also benefit from more kinds of verification of identities that allow organizations to produce customized digital employee identification tags which reflect a brand and its respective needs.

This would open up for dozens of people to participate and various organizations as well. Meanwhile, for those who wish to work on a more independent basis and verify that, it can be done by allowing the app to send a code to the company email ID. This really does do wonders in terms of preventing job scams in today’s day and age.

For now, the feature is up for grabs to more than 4000 different organizations. It will undergo expansion with time as the app hopes to add more confidence when making connections and when seeing content that you witness on a daily basis as authentic.

The company’s product manager says while LinkedIn members won’t have too much access to this or similar features for verification on an immediate basis, the app is trying hard to get it out to them as quickly as possible. They hope to add more ways by which users can expand this feature and extend it to all of their workings on the platform.

That’s it for now but we will surely keep you updated on when the rollout is finalized.

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