New Technology Uses AI To Specify Unsafe Texts on Instagram

As per a recent investigation, machine learning (ML) has the potential to help, identify, and mark dangerous texts on Instagram, without damaging consumers' private space.

The researchers prepared an algorithm based on ML to recognize unsafe texts by analyzing the content of messages sent between individuals. It was able to identify texts that contained potentially susceptible or risky content, such as those linked to self-harm or suicide, with a high degree of accuracy.

To protect consumers' private space, the algorithm was prepared to analyze the content of messages without actually reading them. Instead, it analyzed the metadata, such as the text's length, the time of day it was sent, and the number of recipients.

The investigation investigated over seventeen thousand personal texts of over 170 consumers. With 87% accuracy, the algorithm was successful in determining the unsafe texts.

The researchers also found that their creation was able to identify texts that contained susceptible content even when consumers don't directly use the actual words/texts. This suggests that the algorithm could be effective at identifyingrisky messages even when users are trying to conceal their true intentions.

The ML's use to highlight these types of texts on a social media platform could have significant implications for mental health and suicide prevention measures. It could also help in identifying people who may need support or intervention.

However, the investigators recorded that there are still significant challenges to implementing all these things for this purpose. For example, the algorithm may highlight texts that are not risky, leading to false positives and potentially unnecessary interventions. Additionally, they acknowledged that it may not be able to identify all dangerous messages, particularly those that use highly coded language or are sent in private messages.

Overall, the study suggests that ML could be a valuable tool for identifying unsafe texts on Instagram and other social media platforms. By preserving consumers' privacy while still flagging potentially damaging texts, these algorithms could help improve mental health and suicide prevention efforts in the digital age.

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