Google May Soon Add User Choice Billing To Android Apps In The UK Play Store

It appears that top search engine giant Google may be gearing up to include User Choice Billing to Android apps across its Play Store in the United Kingdom.

The news comes as the country’s CMA had an ongoing antitrust trial taking place where Google was scrutinized regarding its control of Android. The investigation went on for months and there was a point where it appears the company might soon find a solution to the ordeal.

The United Kingdom’s CMA opened up more today about new consultations and how its current antitrust trial is taking place against Google. Similarly, it was seen inviting developers and other stakeholders to provide a reply to the firm’s proposed actions so it may undergo an expansion by payments belonging to third parties across their Android phones in the UK.

The news was laid out as a part of a blog post where the firm explains more in detail about its proposition on this front of expanding the User Choice Billing toward the United Kingdom. This would enable various options for third parties and developers providing apps through the country’s Play Store in the UK.

During such a process of making purchases, users may select between Play Store billing or another approved system of third parties. Meanwhile, developers can even choose to say no to billing options done through the Play Store too.

So far, Google has made the option of User Choice Billing a venture for various tests through different portions of Europe. Similarly, it tested it with the likes of Spotify across America and several other types of support getting launched in Asian nations like India as well.

The company spoke more about this endeavor by providing a list of commitments where developers could add alternatives to the in-app system for billing. This would be alongside the one outlined by Google Play for those using devices like tablets and smartphones. All of these options can be displayed in a neutral manner and allow users to make more informed and engaging decisions.

Furthermore, developers would be given the option to not select Google Play billing options at all. This is when users in the UK are making payments for their respective content and services.

If such a proposal is accepted by the country’s CMA, it might be up for grabs to developers at a quick pace. And we’re talking about those who are in charge of non-gaming apps. But we may see those making gaming apps receive support at a point that’s later on in time, probably October 23.

The CMA says it’s looking forward to the feedback provided by developers regarding this front and others thinking about providing Google’s proposal a second glance of it affecting fees set out by the tech giant.

The comments regarding this front will be accepted near May and that’s when we hope to see the entire CMA process taking center stage.

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