New Survey Finds 30% Of The Population Is Aware Of The Web3 Concept

Web3 is the name reserved for the next generation of digital media that is enabled by blockchain and therefore entails a wide range of platforms and apps.

It’s definitely one of the media industry and tech world’s favorite jargon words. But a new survey claims that consumers may not be too savvy about the idea.

The news comes to us thanks to the latest research conducted by Dentsu. The latter claims that many people are still trying hard to get familiar with the concept but that is not the case with the Japanese population.

It has managed to attain quite a bit of attention in the Japanese market. During the early morning hours of today, we saw Dentsu put out new data from a survey entailing 3000 citizens from the country.

This particular study was done in November of last year and it showed how 30% of the population is aware of the concept surrounding Web3. And it also provided how the trend linked to awareness increases to around 50% for those between the ages of 15 to 19 years.

Today, so many people are expecting to see the new endeavor enhance security information and put an end to changes made unilaterally to a fixed set of rules. In the same way, it assists with the cross-platform utilization of some tools while a lot of experts feel they’ve got some big expectations for autonomous firms working on a decentralized platform.

This report further went on to mention that the most common Web3 concerns among those in the survey were similar to those of insiders in the industry. Clearly, there’s a lack of understanding from the public as it’s still fairly new.

People want to know more in detail about the security risks attached and how slow the progress is in terms of new and upcoming laws.

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