Samsung’s New Advertising Campaign For The Galaxy S23 Ultra Launched On Twitter With A Disclaimer

If you stay up to date with the happenings taking place with tech giants like Samsung, we’re sure you may have witnessed a controversy linked to manipulated moon images attached to the company.

People were convinced that the company’s hype about the new Galaxy S23 being able to click images of the moon was nothing but fake. But the leading South Korean tech giant did not back down from its claims. In fact, it launched a test to prove its point. We’re not sure if people were happy about that, yet, there’s not a lot that can be done in that manner.

Now, we’re hearing more news about how the firm has launched a new advertising campaign for its Galaxy S23 Ultra device on Twitter. And it’s arising with a disclaimer too.

If you wish to gain a better understanding of what exactly we’re talking about, please go to Twitter. You’ll find plenty of ads there and one of the most notable ones is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The advertisement makes use of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera and its capability to click pictures of the moon as its main selling point. But that came with a disclaimer from Twitter community. The company wrote that there is no dark side to the moon using the Ultra device. So you can capture the nighttime skies and share the clicks with them by providing a reply to the thread with the hashtag, ‘Share the Epic’.

The advertisement is innocent and it features a unique endeavor of the leading company’s device. But this ad didn’t pass on freely for too long as it received a disclaimer very soon. This was from Twitter’s Birdwatch Community Notes. The latter is the name given to a feature that displays context for so many tweets as reported by plenty of users on the platform.

In this specific endeavor, the note that was mentioned across the Samsung Tweet which the firm put out at a cost in front of millions of people mentioned how most Samsung phones end up taking digitally fake pictures of the moon as a means of making it appear so much more sharper.

As anyone can imagine, the situation is awfully embarrassing for the tech giant. And this tweet being displayed at the forefront in front of millions of Twitter users just leaves a bad taste. For now, we’re not quite sure if this advertisement is still running but what we do know is the original tweet is currently live and without this note on display.

For those who are still curious about what we think about Samsung putting out fake pictures of the moon, well, that’s not the case. They’re capturing raw data through sensors in combination with AI models which really enhance detail and sharpen it.

The end result is a clean and impressive image of the moon. Moreover, the company has had this feature in place for several years but saw it get caught in the center of controversy when users realized that if you take an image of the moon’s image then you’d end up with the same AI effect as that promised meant that people were bound to create banter around it.

As a whole, that test was really designed to display how aggressive such AI models are.

Whatever the case may be, disclaimers like this aren’t going to be appreciated by the company and can only make things worse for a device that’s already caught in the middle of a controversy in the past.
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