Most People Feel Nervous About TikTok Gathering And Accessing Their Sensitive Data, New Survey Claims

The fact that TikTok has been under the radar for quite some time now regarding security concerns has led us to a new survey that discusses just that.

The survey by TechRadar Pro assessed what readers felt about the leading social media platform gathering and gaining access to their sensitive data.

A total of 1000 participants were enrolled in the study, 500 arose in the UK and 500 were from the US. And that’s when it was unveiled how the majority of people using the app do really care if the firm tracks down their biometrics, their perspectives, and harvests details generated from their phone’s sensors.

Other than that, most people using this app claim they’re awfully nervous and very cautious about this behavior and how there is a huge chance that it is grabbing a hold of data that is very private to them.

Let’s face it, there are no major surprises here. No matter how much we deny the truth, our personal matters should be private and no institute has the right to take details without consent. But the possibility that TikTok has been engaged in this ordeal for a while now and sharing it with officials in the Chinese government is concerning, to say the least.

When the survey asked respondents to comment on TikTok gaining access to sensitive matters and how strongly they felt that was the truth, most of them claimed they had no idea. A small majority did detail how they didn’t feel it mattered either.
Remember, TikTok is a leading social media app where users put up short videos. And before we knew it, the platform turned into the most popular app in the world. Today, the user base spans 1.5 billion and stats are the latest outlined by Demand Sage.

The company first came into existence thanks to ByteMedia which is owned by China and was founded ten years back. And since then, we’ve heard about plenty of controversies surrounding it.

The current one right now is how strongly American lawmakers feel about TikTok being used as a surveillance tool to spy upon US citizens. But it’s interesting to note how it’s not only the US that’s involved but other leading Western nations who are similarly feeling the pressure of TikTok and since then, have opted to ban the app from devices of those working for the government.

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