YouTube Helps Creators Increase Viewership By Adding New ‘Notify Me’ CTA Button To Livestream Listings

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube says it’s trying its best to enhance the viewership of its creators.

And that includes the company’s latest addition of a CTA button called ‘Notify Me’ across its live-stream listings. The feature would maximize viewership and keep fans updated about progress on its live streams.

The company announced the news recently by putting forward a new example that entails some exclusive live reminders. So many users who seem to be expressing a greater interest in upcoming broadcasts would be able to tap to get alerts when the stream starts.

This just makes it so much simpler to stay at the top of the game in terms of broadcast times while making sure people do not miss out on it. And that means it may get more fans to tune in on a more regular basis.

The company says that live creators are really desperate for more features that ensure their audience gets alerts for broadcasts. And by the looks of it, this might be one way to ensure engagement and awareness are running high.

On another aspect, YouTube also sent out an update through the Studio analytics feature regarding data ranges. This would entail more chips that add ease while scanning through statistics related to performance.

It’s definitely not a huge shift but it really does make things so much simpler when going through the creator’s content response stats. Similarly, it gauges which areas are open up for opportunities in the present and future.

For now, the updates being discussed are getting launched by popular demand from this week onwards. So in case you haven’t gotten yours yet, stay tuned and keep checking because it should be there soon.

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