Microsoft’s Bing Chatbot And Edge Browser Can Now Generate Images After Integration With DALL-E

Generative AI is now taking a new turn as Microsoft’s leading AI Bing chatbot is all set to create images for its users. In the same way, the computational giant has also opted to add the feature to its Edge browser.

Simply go to your desktop and allow the feature on the Edge sidebar by pressing the plus (+) icon and then pressing the button for the Image Creator.

Microsoft says you will be provided at least four different kinds of options for pictures to select from. And after that gets selected, you install it and include it as a part of your content or add it to social media.

Moreover, users are being given the chance to provide instructions to the Bing Chat so it can come up with some customized images. It’s all thanks to the new integration with the DALL-E program from the makers of ChatGPT.

It’s definitely a new and innovative capability that puts out professional appearing images in a matter of seconds by taking input from the user’s text. Similarly, you get the chance to produce both text and pictures in one place, simply through the chat. How cool is that?

Microsoft claims the feature is designed to add ease and convenience by requesting Bing to put out images alongside the caption for this kind of art. Moreover, such programs should start to put out pictures on the initial request so there is no downtime in terms of waiting. Similarly, the company adds how the feature can be changed with the request of a follow-up, as proven by one demo.

This new Bing can curate pictures by clicking on the art program on offer by DALL-E 2 which is seen on the webpage. Last year, we saw the software giant incorporating DALL-E 2 via the creator’s Bing website.

Since then, we’ve seen it take the creator for images and add it to the new AI Bing tool.

Soon, we’re going to see a preview feature also available on Microsoft Edge, making this the world’s first browser to have something as innovative as this for producing images.

The company also has plans to launch this to those enrolled in the preview for Bing. But it won’t be a bulk release. It would happen with time and in batches before it expands in a more broad fashion. Hence if you are not provided with immediate access, don’t worry.

The news was confirmed through a blog post mentioned by the firm. They feel the time has finally come to add image creators to the leading AI tool, after seeing mega-success with its text. They are also planning to include the relevant safeguards necessary to eliminate threats from deep fakes and other types of harmful endeavors.

Therefore, every picture would entail small icons featuring Bing as watermarks. Those who are yet to join the Bing chatbot can do so by entering the waiting list. But for that, you can install the Edge browser by Microsoft too.

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