YouTube Viewers Express Concern As App Fails To Generate Ad Warning Before Displaying Them

YouTube ads are a nuisance for viewers who wish the platform could get rid of them altogether. But the platform generates revenue from such endeavors and would be totally out of the question.

But it is nice enough to provide a warning beforehand that arises in the form of a five-second timer that prepares them about the ad break in store.

Now, some users fear that the warning has been removed or the feature is broken as ads suddenly pop up without any prior alert. Therefore, if you wanted the option to miss out on such ad blocks, you might not be getting one right now.

The complaints began arising in the past month when several users that happen to be YouTube viewers across television apps, claim to be having problems in this regard. Their complaints include the app not displaying countdowns before midroll ads are displayed.

Most warnings are put out around five seconds before such advertisements start. This gives the viewer the chance to get mentally prepared for the break in store. But now, affected viewers claim such ads pop up without providing any form of warning.

It’s most commonly observed on television but several complaints are arising from YouTube web, mobile apps, and even consoles too. These reports are now being seen on online platforms Reddit and Twitter where the rants are never-ending.

The matter continues to take place, routinely. And it has increased in the past few weeks. But now at least, the app did confirm how there was an error and they were doing everything in their power to amend it.

As of right now, there’s no timeframe provided regarding when it would be fixed but as regular users of the app, many are running out of patience.

H/T: Piunikaweb

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