ChatGPT Retains Its Massive Lead In The World Of AI Chat As Stats Display 56% Growth

It’s safe to say that the popular phenomenon surrounding ChatGPT isn’t going anywhere soon.

The breakthrough AI tool by OpenAI still continues to display incredible dominance across the board. It’s one of the biggest leaders out there and if we do consider it to be a search engine, then it’s beating out Bing Search and DuckDuckGo by miles.

A growth comprising 56% was seen since the month of February this year. This relates to how much percent of the world’s traffic is under its control compared to other arch-rivals in the search industry.

Experts from Similarweb shows the growth pattern seen here in AI chat is truly enviable. Some of the key findings in the research proved how the powerful AI tool attracts around 1.6 billion users around the globe who visit the website in March. This is nearly a growth comprising one billion from that seen in February.

Other than that, a lot of users are now taking it on as a search engine and it’s way ahead of Microsoft’s Bing which scored 957 million visits while DuckDuckGo only had 857 million. But that does not mean it's up to pace with other leaders in the industry including Baidu and Google, who clearly lead the front.

Meanwhile, Google’s famous Bard chatbot has now entered into a new early phase for beta and since then, we’ve seen it capture the attention of nearly 31 million users who visit the Google website.

But when you look at the worldwide picture, we’re seeing ChatGPT’s growth to be massive in the world of search. In America, ChatGPT lags behind Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Google.

We agree that ChatGPT is not really a search engine. But often, it is considered to be one or shall we say a post-search endeavor on the internet. Microsoft embraces it by adding ChatGPT technology across Bing and Google.

To keep things simple, the study proves how ChatGPT is the main leader in terms of the dominant AI chat services on offer. For now, Bard is in beta and it has only recently made its presence felt.

Clearly, the way ChatGPT’s intensity of interest alters around the world is worth a mention. While you’d suspect most of the traffic arising from the US, India is not too far behind in terms of rivaling out as a fierce competitor with its growing number of users for the tool.
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