What Are The Secrets To A Successful LinkedIn Ad? This New Survey Says It All

Staying on top of the advertising trends in the world of LinkedIn is important. Did we mention how it helps to attain the greatest performance figures?

And today, we’ve got a new report by Vidmob that is providing some key insights related to just that.

The platform unleashed the results of a new survey that indirectly hints at the secrets to the success of a great LinkedIn ad. It set out some valuable insights that detailed more about how certain visual elements, creative theories, and good text placement could capture your target market’s audience and enhance engagement through such platforms.

This study took into consideration a whopping 800 million advertising impressions from various brands out there today. These were spread across both the North American as well as the EMEA region.

For starters, let’s take a look at which videos managed to perform better than the rest.

Those displaying messaging at the start of the video saw a major 149% rise while those that were shorter in duration saw a 54% increase in demand and engagement.

High text contrast had a 102% lift while a 175% rise was observed when a person popped up at the start of the content.

The numbers. The survey found that videos including the following elements performed better than those that did not.

Similarly, a 33% lift was observed in the click-through rates that included the Get a Quote option while 17% saw a rise in click-through that had a brand logo involved during the first two seconds.

As far as creative types of content were concerned, the report shows how the right duration allows the video to drive results and make way for an entire marketing funnel. Videos of shorter duration would excel in terms of engagement and this was done for the sake of consideration. Those that were just 30 seconds long had a stronger impact in terms of awareness as well as conversations. And then a 13% rise in click rates was seen for those videos that were between 15 to 30 seconds. Moral: The shorter, the better.

Moving on to branding, it’s an important element to put your brand’s logo out there or perhaps the business’s name. Those that did saw a 17% click-through rate during the starting two seconds.

Then we have to attain visualization, where the use of statistics that promote your brand’s current performance goes a long way. It gives you that competitive edge and that help to drive a positive outcome.

The right text can really enhance click-through rates as well. A lot of variations do exist around the marketing region, and by adding the right messages and including contrasts in color, you can really boost those views in no time.

Furthermore, adding a touch of humanity can really showcase the talent of your brand well. Use a variety of approaches and various product interactions and some testimonial styles. Similarly, put out your workforce in the best light so your target audience knows what you represent and how it can resonate well with different viewers.

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