Is Mastodon The New Twitter? This Latest App Intelligence Report Has The Answer

In the past week, we saw plenty of figures come forward and speak about the popular microblogging platform run by the world’s second richest person, Twitter undergoing growth.

And clearly, the news did manage to cause a fair share of rumble online. But this entire fiasco made us realize more about all those that left the app for Mastodon. And thanks to the latest app intelligence report by AppFigures and Google Trends, we found out if the trends were really heading in the same direction or not.

The reality is that no, that might not be the case. So if you think Mastodon was the new Twitter or if the former was going to replace the latter, we’re sorry but this latest report might burst your bubble.

Ever since a launch regarding this arose during the middle of 2021, we saw Mastodon receive millions of downloads on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. To be more exact, we’re talking nearly four million installs as per the latest report by App Intelligence.

While downloads in both areas were fairly constant, we did see the App Store winning by a small margin on some occasions.

This was before Twitter really came into the spotlight. Clearly, Mastodon was a platform that made people’s heads turn and there were nearly hundreds of downloads each day, on an average basis.

But then we saw tech billionaire Elon Musk take charge of the Twitter app and therefore, the number of downloads rose by an even bigger margin. The figure was in the tens of thousands range and it jumped to hundreds of thousands several days later.

At the pivot of this scenario, which was November 2022, Mastodon had been installed by nearly 338,000 on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. The figure was not a lot but there was a sense of joy and it was not long.

Installations saw a 100,000 decline in just two days and that was the beginning of the end in popularity for Mastodon. The drop went into single-digit thousands, several days later. When 2023 approached, the trend in decline fell further, and as per the latest stats of this week, the downloads on a daily basis are turning out to be 1700 a day. Yes, it’s much higher than where we began but certainly not as high to claim this is the future.

Some critics might argue that the sole client for Mastodon is not the platform itself but it’s the official one. And despite there being so many others, it won’t change the results one bit. Also, it might appear that these findings have the authors of the research hating on the app big time. And again, that’s not the case.

There's no denial in the fact that Twitter is not an easy app to beat out. It’s like saying beating Instagram at Instagram is easy but it’s not true. And to be honest, the same can be repeated for all the leading social media platforms out there today.

In all reality, Mastodon is much more complex and is Twitter’s less cohesive variant. But certainly, it’s the replacement for Twitter by miles. So let’s get that notion out of our heads for good.

If you really want to beat out the world’s richest person at a game that he is excelling at, well, you need to create something much better or shall we say, more innovative and unique. And by the looks of it, it seems like this is exactly what the new X by Musk is all about.

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