Twitter Blocks Numerous Public Information Services As It Switches To Elon Musk’s Pricey API System

Ever since tech billionaire Elon Musk purchased Twitter, we saw him repeating how his ultimate goal was to get rid of bots on the platform.

During the later hours of last night, that seems to be taking place as countless public service accounts were given the boot.

So many accounts on the app have lost their chance to put out breaking news and events as the app eliminates their API access. This had so many accounts put up posts in an authorized manner through the app. But now, the actions seem to be in line with Elon Musk’s new pricey paid API system.

Moreover, multiple accounts end up receiving automated updates but they aren’t the kind of bot accounts that you’d assume.

For instance, so many of those affected including the famous National Weather Service account set out a consistent update both through manual as well as automated means by humans. Hence, they can’t provide the latest or life-saving alerts that they’re famous for.

Now, the app is limiting such tweets being generated by automated means, and therefore, accounts can’t set out post warnings like they used to do in the past.

Put the account did reveal how it is trying its best to give general updates on the matter and is on a mission to make sure there are several means of getting the latest happenings in the world of data and notifications.

Twitter is on a mission to limit such automated tweets and that means subjects like warnings for drastic conditions like tsunamis and other advisory watches are no longer possible. But still, there is a constant urge to set out notifications through the likes of manual posts.

Other important services worth a watch include official accounts for MTA which is a public transit for NYC and services like BART from San Francisco. They are all sharing a list of issues with access to the API of Twitter.

Meanwhile, some automated accounts to look out for that aren’t quintessential for public safety would also be a part of this decision by Twitter. So in case you’re expecting them to generate useful and entertaining posts after losing Twitter access, that won’t be the case.

Most of these accounts may cause the app’s basic $100 monthly plan to come forward. But as expected, it’s quite limited and couldn’t set out needy services that are required in real-time. The fact that these accounts were putting out alerts for free for so long means they’re not willing to do the same at a price tag.

The app’s new range of API tiers begins at a startling $42,000 cost each month. And so many developers are bound to get affected by it in the next couple of weeks. Many people were forced to close down the app due to the entry price for the Enterprise API access coming at just $42,000 each month.

Even such services that stated a keen interest in paying lost the chance to serve clients as the app got rid of API access without any warning given to them beforehand.

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