Insights on the most downloaded social media apps in March 2023

App Figures is back with another report on the social media progress in March 2023. The data shared by the site highlighted last month’s most downloaded applications worldwide. While TikTok topped the top ten list on Apple’s App Store with seventeen million downloads, on the other hand, Instagram ruled the top ten list on Google Play with thirty-nine million downloads and eventually became the most downloaded application with fifty million downloads collectively.

Though Instagram was right ahead of TikTok, its rival app, it is expected that the results of the ongoing month might be different from the previous one. While TikTok secured the second spot on the combined total list with forty-seven million downloads, other Meta-owned platforms, including Facebook and WhatsApp, got the third and fourth spots with forty-one million and thirty-four million downloads, respectively.

However, what seems to be interesting is that Facebook couldn’t make it on the top ten list on the App Store, while it got the second spot on Google Play with 34 million downloads. It wasn’t the first time that Facebook couldn’t make it. The trend started in the final quarter of 2022. While Facebook was able to get itself back on the list last time, based on the current progress, the social media giant might not be able to return to the list.

Facebook’s spot was taken by Google, as five out of ten of the most downloaded applications belonged to the tech giant. Apps including Google, Google Maps, and YouTube got ten million downloads each, whereas Gmail and Google got eight million and seven million downloads, respectively.

Another ByteDance-owned application, CapCut, is expected to keep growing. Last month, the app received fourteen million more downloads from the App Store and thirteen million from Google Play. Collectively, the app received around twenty-eight million downloads and earned itself the fifth spot on the combined total list.

Other apps, including SHEIN and Spotify, also made it into the top 10 after receiving twenty million downloads from both platforms. While Facebook’s messaging app, Messenger, entered the list as the tenth most downloaded app with nineteen million global downloads.

Where Did Facebook Go? The Most Downloaded Apps in the World

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