Are Users Replacing Traditional Search With AI-Based Search For Answers? This New Poll Says It All

The tech world has really been revolutionized thanks to the boom of AI and the search domain is no exception.

You might assume that with the uprising of so many leading AI tools and chatbots, most of us would probably have made the switch. But a new poll is actually diving down deep to understanding how people are resorting to search today.

Many people are still going back to traditional searches against asking AI tools for answers. And they are not the only ones. Several polls were launched on Twitter to see if search marketers were making use of AI technology or sticking to their classic search guns.

Various options were put on the display as users’ preferred choices. This includes ChatGPT, Bard from Google, and Microsoft’s leading Bing Search against of course the classic traditional search option too.

The poll got around a thousand responses and it proved how contrary to many people’s assumption, a traditional search was leading the pack more than AI. Strikingly, 81% of people were still using classic means to search for answers as compared to 17% making use of AI chat. Remember, this does not mean people can’t be using both, they still can. But the results were definitely an eye-opener for obvious reasons. After all, we don’t see too many experts talking about this.

The poll then seemingly got a little more complex. People were questioned about how often they attain ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing Chat. We do realize that Bard is currently only up for grabs in the UK and US region for now but Bing Chat has users lining up on a waitlist where they use Edge and that restricts usage.
People were certainly surprised to see how a lot of search marketers were making use of ChatGPT on a daily basis. And the results are out.

The usage for ChatGPT was quite spread out in such polls, gaining 800 votes. Then we saw Google’s Bard chatbot get even less with just 850 votes. And then all such polls had an even number of responses from several PPCs, search marketers, and SEOs too. And we do agree that SEMs aren’t really a part of the real world but this poll was clearly aimed at marketers in the search world.

H/T: Barry Schwartz Twitter Poll

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