Amazon Retains Its Leading Position As The Best Place To Work While Google Plunges In Rankings

This year has not been so fruitful for the tech sector as many leading companies were forced to fire 171,000 employees as a whole.

The news comes to us through recent stats unveiled by but if you think that’s going to stop people from finding better work opportunities, then you’re sadly mistaken.

The hunt to get the best job is still on and thanks to new data from LinkedIn, we’re seeing who made the annual list for the best place to work.

So many individuals are moving toward workplaces that align with their core values and mindsets. This includes diversity and growth of skills and not just the amount of money made on this front.

Today, new stats from LinkedIn had the company putting out its yearly list of the best places to work. Amazon continued to reign supreme, taking the top spot again as people’s number-one choice of places to work. Next up, we saw Google’s parent firm take a hard fall from number two in 2022 to number five in 2023.

But what is quite interesting about these rankings is how we are now in our eighth year and this is providing the best screenshot of the changing priorities of people. It keeps fluctuating and can’t remain static.

These rankings aren’t just linked to a few practical assessments like how many people were fired in this period but they also had to do with how firms scored in terms of some other skills like culture and softness. And that can really affect how long people stay at the firm.

Alongside factors such as company stability, details regarding growth and learning were also on display as well as equity at the workplace with a strong company culture.

These are all of the leading importance for those seeking the right job as they put firms at the top of the list and make sure they’re aligned with core values along the way.

This whole list comprises eight different factors including the chance to advance, grow skills, and make the firm stable. Similarly, it entails educational background and the presence of the workforce in the nation.

As a whole, the final conclusion provided by LinkedIn is that this is a norm when it comes down to where people are living and getting their livelihood. And the fact that today’s labor market entails hundreds of thousands of individuals getting fired due to economic instability around the globe just paints the reality of the world right now.

In line with such information, the app made use of the data to release a new tool that offers jobseekers the chance to better construct efficient job searches. This means saying hello to a new filter when searching for a workplace that has policies with many priorities in places where there is diversity and inclusion as well as a lot of growth and learning simultaneously.

Furthermore, the app is offering enthusiastic jobseekers the chance to take on free courses to assist them in making the best searches for jobs in an efficient manner.

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