Apple Gears Up For Earth Day By Sharing New Updates On Its Mission To Go Green And Become Carbon Neutral By 2030

At the start of this month, tech giant Apple set out new updates regarding its current stance of going green and becoming carbon neutral by the year 2030.

The company highlighted what exactly it was doing on this front and how efficient it was in terms of making sure that it was in line with its goals and targets for a healthy and sustainable environment.

Now, just a few days before Earth Day which will take place on April 22, we’re hearing more about the tech giant’s initiatives through a new Environmental Progress Report. The latter explains what the company has done so far in 2022 and what path it plans on taking this year as it moves to a target of being carbon neutral.

The leading iPhone featured the new progress report on its homepage where it spoke about taglines mentioning, ‘Behind every product is a plan for the environment’ and each step that it takes has plenty of innovation behind it. After you click on the firm’s link across the homepage, you’ll see a tab that says ‘see our progress’ and that is what will take you to a new and improved environment microsite.

The company’s commitment to going carbon neutral by the year 2030 seems to be linked to everything we do. Each product of the tech giant would be produced using clean energy sources and a long list of recyclable and renewable things. After all, the earth has no time to wait and neither has the human race the patience of doing so.

But the latest addition of interactive infographics is worth noticing and you can see how the tech giant is setting out a huge picture and plan for this progress that it played in 2022.

Some key stats worth a glance included recovering more than 40,000 metric tons of scrap from electronics that were linked to recycling in the year 2022.

After that, 20% of all materials that were shipped in a part of its products in 2022 arose through recycled means.

Then, 250 different suppliers that stood for 85% of its manufacturing budget, vowed to use 100% renewable sources of electricity to produce goods at Apple. And after that, we saw an 80% decrease in shipping emissions from HomePod via the company’s new plan laid out for transportation.

More than a 70% decrease in the average product energy use was observed since the year 2008 too, the Cupertino firm acknowledged. So as you can tell, the company has really done a lot so far and has plans of going bigger and greener in this approach in 2023 too. More details can be obtained from the firm’s environment page across the website.

The report begins with some reflections provided by the company’s VP for the environment, policy, and social initiatives. She also shared some insightful thoughts regarding the firm’s 2030 journey to becoming carbon neutral.

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