Google Authenticator May Finally Be Able To Synchronize With Users' Google Accounts After Years Of Its Launch

Google Authenticator is the name reserved for an application that so many people recommend. It's your one-stop location to offer great protection for online accounts. Did we mention the good old two-factor authentication that’s super handy?

The feature produces some special, time-based codes that you can use along with passwords to attain online services. But the biggest drawback here is that it’s always linked to the device that you are using.

However, things are finally going to change as we witness the famous Google Authenticator being able to synchronize the codes obtained to your personal account on Google.

This new offering was unveiled today and it’s been something that many users have been trying to attain for so long. Plenty of people are trying to make the best use of services so the multi-factor authentication method is so much more convenient.

Those who make frequent switches between such phones or have lost their device will realize how big such news is. Remember, ensuring safety is critical as you no longer require the application to get downloaded on specific phones to gain access to 2FA security codes.

But at the same time, this does mean that attackers gaining access to Google accounts would have an easy time accessing other online services too. This is the price users must pay for better protection from losing access to several of their accounts.

Overall, it means you would need to offer great protection to Google accounts to make sure such services can’t be accessed easily. But overall, it’s a complete gain in terms of security as plenty of users may be more willing to utilize Google Authenticator for future purposes.

As a whole, we feel the new rollout of providing syncing support to the classic Google Authenticator app is a much-appreciated gesture by the tech giant. It’s a huge step forward in terms of improvement and it would make the platform so user-friendly and provide convenience at the same time.

The new feature also means the Android maker would now be transformed into an app that’s more user-friendly and super convenient. And such features would enable Google to take another leap forward in terms of making two-factor authentication a seemingly accessible ordeal as well as a more secure option for the masses.

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