Snapchat Users Aren’t Happy With The App’s AI Chatbot And Are Looking For Ways To Get Rid Of It

In the past week, we saw the top social media app Snapchat make it clear that it was expanding its availability of the much-hyped My AI assistant.

For those who may not be aware, the feature was only restricted to premium users at the start. So that meant if you paid, you’d benefit from the rollout. But soon, the platform realized that it wanted to make it free for all but the change has not made a lot of Snapchat fans happy.

The reason is simple. The feature gets pinned to the top of users’ chat feed automatically, whether they like it or not. Therefore, users of the feature aren’t happy with the news and are turning to give the bot a one-star review while others are on the lookout for ways to get rid of it from the app directly.

Before we comment further, let’s glance over the basics of what this feature is in the first place. My AI is another name given to the app’s AI chatbot that is powered by ChatGPT from OpenAI. This was first rolled out by the company in February of this year but at that time, it was solely limited to users of Snapchat Plus. The latter is the firm’s name allotted for premium subscriptions.

But last week, the app opted to make it free for all through a massive expansion to users, along with a series of other interesting updates for things such as location sharing and the Stories endeavor.

As per the company’s recent guidelines, the My AI chatbot is designed to do several different things. This entails answering a leading number of trivia questions, putting out buying advice, and providing great trip recommendations too. Other interesting activities include adding suggestions for food recipes and a lot more.

So the company has basically integrated it in a manner where it appears like you’re speaking to a new friend on the Snapchat app. But in reality, you’re chatting with its AI-powered chatbot that functions as your assistant.

Now things were fine until users started to get really frustrated when the app began pinning the My AI toward the top of their chat feed. It was rolled out to so many users in the past week and plenty of them were quick to set out frustrations on the matter.

They did not like how the company just randomly felt it was alright to pin the assistant to the chat’s topmost location. Currently, My AI will always be there in all of your chats with friends.

The news was first spotted by the leading tech news outlet, TechCrunch. It says people are not happy with the new change and they’re rushing to the App Store to voice concerns and give one-star reviews. And in just a week’s timespan, we saw 1.67 stars getting added. In fact, the majority of reviews the app attained in the past week or so were one-star. Yikes, how’s that for a shocker.

Users of the app are even going to other leading social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to voice their concerns on the matter. They’re not liking the whole chatbot getting pinned to the top of the chat list.

It makes sense because the firm not only added the AI-powered assistant without providing users a choice but they also gave the users no control on how to use it and how to get rid of it. And the general consensus is that they feel it’s not fair.

So in reality, you cannot hide, delete, or even block the feature from popping up in the chat list.

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