TikTok Launches A Series Of New And Exciting Features And Here’s What To Expect

TikTok is launching a series of exciting and new features. And for users, there could be nothing better.

For starters, the company is running tests (via WatchfulAI) that replace its Friends Tab with another new experience that’s very similar to the Explore page on Instagram. The news comes after the app’s decision to remove Discover with Friends was not taken well at all.

While it’s still in the experimental phase, when rolled out, we can see how it signals the firm’s acceptance of a bigger role played out by TikTok in the entire social media system. And as expected, that’s more related to discovering content and now staying up to pace with friendships.

The popular social media platform says one of the main aspects of TikTok’s experience is discovery and also how the app is trying hard to help communities by exposing talent and content that is new.

After having the Discovery tab removed, TikTok was faced with some serious challenges including catering content to those that didn’t use the app on a routine basis. Through such tabs, users were allowed to watch content that was made in a span of a few days.

Through such tabs, users were given the chance to watch content that was more trending and had hashtags. In the same way, it would bring forward new creators and put ahead the most viral content. Other than that, it provided more space to market different themes that were trending as more eye-grabbing banners were put at the page’s top.

Hence, by removing the feature, none of this was no longer possible but with the return, we can definitely see some positivity arising for the app.

Secondly, the app is launching a range of video stickers that are animated. These are designed for DMs but the rollout was actually in February, which the app is now confirming while speaking to TechCrunch.

Screenshot: WatchfulAI / TechChrunch
These features work in a manner that’s awfully similar to GIFs and they can be better seen as expansions for TikTok stickers. The endeavor had been rolled out last year in December and it enabled users to produce and install a range of customized pictures that may be used through DMs.

Users of the app can go through a range of popular stickers that are instantly by various users or produced on their own. The endeavor was first sighted by Watchful.ai. It’s one of the best ways to turn DMs into a more exciting and engaging activity.

And if a user wants to make a sticker of their own, they can do that by pressing on the option for generating sticker through the window for direct messages.

Thirdly, as per Matt Navarra, the app is believed to have removed videos that are ten minutes as the designated duration was just too long. While TikTok is yet to publicly announce the change, it’s being speculated by leading social media experts how content that is ten minutes or longer wouldn’t be allowed on the platform.

But not everyone is loving that change. Content creators are asking the app to bring that endeavor back as they favor longer formats. Moreover, others were enraged at how the news was just so sudden and it came about without any form of warning.

Last but not least, the leading short video-sharing app is working on its in-stream shopping features. The app really wants to turn this into a revenue-generating endeavor, similar to how it is in China.

Westerners aren’t key on making use of the app for shopping just yet, but TikTok is not planning on giving up. They wish to make the most of it by adding more sellers for a bigger boost.

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