Google Is Racing Ahead To Create A New AI-Powered Search Engine For A More Personalized Experience

The AI race is on and tech giant Google has no plans of staying behind arch-rivals Microsoft and OpenAI.

The leading Android maker is racing ahead against time to create its new AI-powered search engine. This news comes to us thanks to The New York Times which says the firm is only in its early stage of creating such a service that gives users a more personalized search experience.

Hence, you can get what you want in the shortest amount of time possible, not to mention how it would be more customized for your experience too. But for now, we’re not quite sure when it’s going to come out as the tech giant is yet to put out any expected timeframe.

In other news, Google is also working on creating a new suite that features all kinds of AI capabilities for the search engine that is in existence today under the code Magi.

Among the features on offer, there is a new chatbot that may respond to plenty of engineering queries linked to the world of software design and the ability to produce code snippets too. The company has even experimented with some features that enable people to look for music via chatbot conversations.

As per The Times, Google has set out more than 160 employees for the new endeavor.

Other new features that we can expect soon are currently in the development phase and entail innovative features from Chrome called Searchalong. This allows chatbots to scan websites that you are reading while providing contextual data.

For instance, in case you were on the lookout for a nice place to reside in terms of an Airbnb, you may ask the chatbot for great places you’d like to see and some wonderful things you’d like to do during your visit.

The company is hoping to add features like GIFI and Tivoli Tutor which are paired experimental features that enable users to prompt an Image Search through Google. This is used to produce images and engage in chats with the chatbot so you can learn new languages along the way too.

What we find interesting is how so many of these features that Google experiments with were seen in the recent past or continue to exist on several other apps like Duolingo. As it is, image generation is seen through Slides.
The search engine says it wants to plan an unveiling of the AI search engine called Magi as early as next month before it hopes to include an array of features during the fall. This type of timing suggests would show up at this year’s I/O conference 2023.

Google similar has planned the launch to one million individuals in America before setting out for an expansion to 30 million people by next year’s end.

The search engine giant confirmed the news by releasing a public statement on the matter where they confirmed how they’ve been experimenting with AI for a while now. The goal is to use the technology to better search results’ quality and even introduce new means for a search like Lens and options including multi-search.

They planned to do so in a very useful way that ensures they meet the high standards that they’ve set out for users since day one in terms of putting out the best quality information.

They know also that not every idea that they brainstorm would lead to a real launch but they’re super excited to bring such features out in the open and plan to share more details with the world soon.

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